“I stopped by to pick up Neil’s food earlier today and I just wanted to give you an update and a thank you. Neil was just at the vet this week for his yearly check-up and shots. The vet said he is in excellent shape! He’s maintaining a good weight, his breathing is clear, his bald spot is filling in, his skin is clear (no painful zits around his chin and lips anymore), no joint issues, muscles are strong, and teeth in really good shape. The vet asked why it had been so long since I had brought him in. Prior to starting the turkey/duck formula, Neil was on antibiotics every 6-8 weeks, either for his skin or his congestion. Twice that congestion led to mild pneumonia. And since switching to your food, he has not had any issues that need a vet’s attention!  He’s a happy doggo and he looks forward to meal times more than ever before!  So, thanks for your dedication to pet health and nutrition!  It means a lot to know he’s getting what he needs!  Also, thanks for saving me a bunch on vet bills!!”


“I am so thankful we found evolution raw pet food!  Having working dogs and pets, it is always hard to meet their specific nutritional needs and have a palatable food. You have produced both! We love the chicken/beef patties.   Turkey necks, chicken feet and ox tails are our go to for frozen summer ‘pupcicles’ on the deck.  Always amazed at the knowledge you have on specific health issues and nutrition and appreciate bouncing ideas off you.  The staff is amazing, and I look forward to picking up my food.  Awesome selection of supplements, treats, and antler chews and I appreciate the dehydrated raw option for travelling. Thank-you for producing such a high-end food at such an amazing price!”


“Koda suffered from mild itching the day he came home from the shelter. He continued to have itching issues as he got older. We took the advice of many vets, friends, and google but nothing seemed to bring him any relief. His itching turned out to be allergies and as they progressed, he began losing hair all over, developing regular painful ear infections. Strange rings appeared on all parts of his body which we initially thought was ringworm. Koda also had almost daily bouts of vomiting and bad car sickness. I had tried raw before, but it never made a difference for him. He also was a fussy boy and turned down multiple kibble brands and struggled with weight gain.

Eventually I reached my whit’s end and put him on Apoquel, an allergy medication. It helped but I didn’t want it to be long term. After switching to Evolution and putting Koda on the supplements and probiotics recommended to me by Cassie, Koda became a brand-new dog. ALL signs of allergies have completely vanished. His hair grew back, he no longer vomits, he doesn’t get car sick, he hasn’t had an ear infection in over 3 years and is in the best condition of his life at 6 years old. AND he LOVES his food. He is excited for every single meal and that couldn’t make me happier. I could never go back to our past foods again.”


“The team at Evolution Raw is beyond amazing!
They check the standard boxes of kind, knowledgeable and helpful. But what they do is go over and beyond with genuine advice and the personal relationships they build with their clients. I know whole heartedly that when I’m given nutrition and health advice that it is in the best interest of my dog and not their bottom line. I’m thrilled to be able to feed my dogs such amazing food and to recommend it my own clients with zero hesitation.”

-Nikki Pavelich

“I wanted to share this photo since it absolutely blew me away.  We started Jazzy on Raw November 1 and this is her after!  She had thyroid issues at the time so was experiencing hair loss. But her coat has always been so grey and dull. Now it’s soo shiny and so thick!!!    And she acts like she’s 2 again!   I just wanted to thank you for all your help choosing products for her and so happy I found you guys!”


Harley is a 12.5yr old black lab. He was diagnosed last fall with kidney disease, cancer, and Cushing’s Disease. He was sent home from the vet with meds to take every day and I was told to bring him in for euthanasia when his quality of life became worse, which could be weeks to months. I decided to switch him (and my other dog) to a raw diet when my friend gave me great reviews of evolution raw. After a few months, he lost weight (he was obese) and became more active! The light in his eyes that was gone for so long came back. He was back to the normal happy, healthy dog that I hadn’t seen in years! We took him to the vet this summer and ended up re-running all his blood work. EVERYTHING except for 1 kidney value was in normal limits. (And apparently, it’s typical for that 1 kidney value to be slightly elevated in high protein diets) He lost 20lbs and is the picture of health. No more signs of cancer, kidney disease or Cushing’s. I will forever be grateful that I tried evolution raw because it not only extended his life, but greatly improved the quality of it!


I have had the pleasure to have worked alongside the highest pedigree of working dogs from this continent and others. I also have had the pleasure of living alongside them, as does my family. I offer this perspective as I believe that in the Canine Industry, an industry that can very much overwhelm a consumer, that there are some really great companies, making really great products that need to be highlighted and separated from the pack. 

What brought me to Evolution Raw was by word of mouth. A colleague of mine in the canine industry had established a relationship with Evolution Raw and spoke highly of them, as owners and their food line. Now, my dog Jack, had been suffering intently with what appeared to be an allergy condition [dry skin]. At this point in time he, a five-year-old GSD, was being medicated daily for this condition. A veterinary team that I have every confidence in and supported my stance in exploring a more natural path. 

After having this conversation with my colleague and reflecting on my options I came to this conclusion; If my health is so greatly impacted by how I eat, then so too is his. We made the switch. It was an easy transition, on his stomach but a learning curve for me in safe food handling and storage. I’ll tell you this now, those are minor inconveniences. 

At first Jack’s energy levelled off. Still high, as all working breeds typically are. Always craving interaction and engagement but this was different. His energy just felt more controlled and purposeful. His drive for food, through the absolute ceiling! The training benefits are still incredible. Did I mention that I have yet to fill a husky bag full of dog feces?!?!  The food is being used… not excreted as by-product / waste. 

Jack’s allergy condition, a tenth of what it was. Frankly, that number, that’s probably just me over focusing on it. He’s not scratching endlessly in the 22nd hour prior to receiving his next daily dose of medication. He’s resting. He is lean, his coat is brilliant, and he’s settled. I am happy to see Jack, just be Jack. 

So, thank you Evolution and to you AIM Canine for the recommendation.

-Jacks Handler

“Willow was on death’s door before switching her to raw: Overweight, arthritis, 9yrs old, just lost her blood brother to cancer and she wouldn’t eat. We thought we would try raw hoping to get something in her. She loved it! She slowly started to come around to her old self. That was 2 years ago. She’s 11 1/2 now, Active, healthy and the perfect weight. Arthritis bothers her only occasionally now. THANK YOU!!!  You’re always willing to help, suggest things to add to her diet to improve her health and always so caring and friendly! We live 2 hours away but make special trips to your store because we love everything about it! And it’s letting us enjoy our Willow longer!”