Meet the owners

A Labour of Love

Cassie and Jared Cowen are the owners here at Evolution Raw Pet Food. They started feeding raw to their dogs in 2013, and after seeing the amazing results in their dogs, they were hooked. Since 2013, they have fed over 6 different brands of raw dog food to their pack, from Ottawa to Toronto, and multiple brands local to Saskatchewan. As consumers first, they figured out what they liked and didn’t like about each brand and as a result, decided to create their own.

They produced a solution that could offer everything they were looking for in the perfect raw dog food company. Both Cassie and Jared are hands on throughout the entire process: they prepare all the raw dog food, source all the supplements, package all the raw meals, and deliver it right to your door. Evolution Raw Pet Food truly is a labour of love!

Both Cassie & Jared are Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialists. They live just outside Saskatoon on an acreage with their 4 dogs: Ruka the Blue Heeler, Rooster the Red Heeler, Harlow the Cane Corso, and Thor the Pitbull. You can catch members of the pack at the Evolution storefront to greet you when shopping or picking up your order!

Before Evolution

Cassie was a local Psychiatric Service Dog Trainer here in Saskatoon before taking the leap into their raw dog food business full time. She is passionate about helping people and their dogs. Cassie believes your dog is what he eats and recognizes the importance in proper canine nutrition.

Jared is a retired NHL player. Jared knew he wanted a hands-on job within the dog industry after he retired from hockey. His passion for taking proper care of your body through nutrition (both humans and canine alike) made the raw dog food business a natural fit.