Meet Our Experts

Jenny Ryoo, Cert. CN

Jenny is a canine and feline nutritionist and a Professional Canine Formulation instructor at the Academy of Companion Animal Nutrition. She works with private and commercial clients to create raw and cooked diets for their pets. Jenny is the owner of Better Cells and you can read more about her experience and other education at Better Cells Nutrition.

Marion (Meg) Smart DVM PhD

Meg Smart DVM PhD received her DVM from the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph, Canada, in 1968. After receiving a Medical research fellowship, she earned her PhD in trace mineral metabolism and the effect of water quality in beef cattle at University of Saskatchewan in 1984. With her thesis completed, she returned to her faculty position in WCVM where she spearheaded the importance of teaching nutrition to veterinarians as the first responder to a sick animal where nutrition is part of the treatment regime. Prior to her intervention, veterinary students took only a half class primarily in livestock nutrition in second year. Much has changed within nutrition and the veterinary profession since then.

Dr Smart is co-author (with Elizabeth Hodgkins DVM and Michael Fox DVM PhD) of the book Not Fit For A Dog: The Truth About Manufactured Cat And Dog Food. She appeared as a nutrition expert in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documentary on “Pet Food A Dog’s Breakfast”. She has given nutrition workshops and rounds by invitation on the Veterinary Information Network.

She has taught Veterinary Pathology, Clinical Pathology, and Large Animal Medicine. With each path she took always led her back to nutrition and its critical role in wellness. Her teaching philosophy is to make the students think critically about nutrition and to encourage them to make informed decisions about nutrition, not based on the misleading information that the large pet food industry puts out.