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Raw Meat Patties

All of our patties are made in small batches with human-grade Canadian meats. Our recipes and patties are created by Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialists. All of our patties are 1/4 pound for easy mess free measuring. Simply take out as many patties as you need and thaw in a bowl in the fridge 24hrs in advance.

Freeze Dried Raw

How much do I feed my dog?

Check out the feeding guide for recommended portion sizes

Meaty Bones

Dog Supplements

All of our supplements have been sourced from Canadian companies by our Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialists. You can take comfort that we have done our due diligence in research and have found you the best possible supplements to add to your raw food meals.

Dog Treats & Chews


Wholesale orders

We now sell wholesale! If you’re interested in becoming a retailer of Evolution Raw Meat Patties please contact us below.

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